All About Snail Wizard Treasures

Indulge in the details of Snail Wizard Treasures. Meet the founders, discover their goals, practices and more.

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The Founders

Born and raised in Kelowna BC, Damian enjoyed DJing, hockey, and music festivals in the expansive nature of the Rocky Mountains. He developed a deep passion for wire art through experimenting with many different mediums. Determined to build his life through the work of his own hands, he has continued to explore his craft through fabricating, welding, and collaborating with other artists.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie AB, Amy grew up sewing and crafting with the given inspiration from her mother and grandma. After a strong pursuit of science, craniosacral therapy, and movement meditation, she soon returned to the fabrics, beads and art from her youth. Bound to the prairies by her children, she enjoys travel and her family the most.

Our Mission

Salvaged with care Handcrafted Earth wear 

our goal within Snail Wizard Treasures is to raise awareness and create earth friendly artwork. Up-cycling, recycling, and sustainable sourcing are a few of the practices we currently incorporate into our art. Our hopes are to inspire others to appreciate and work with the abundance already surrounding us.

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